Le Bain Is Your Summer Place For Dressing Up And Dressing Down


Beige’s Erich Conrad will soon be doing a Thursday night bash at Le Bain, the tip-top club at the Standard Hotel, complete with panoramic views, a Jacuzzi pool, and very convenient roof access.

And last night, party darling Susanne Bartsch (above) and the Zand Collective kicked off their Tuesday “On Top” event, which was filled with night creatures of all varieties — some wearing paint, others donning bread baskets, and groups of hot guys simply sporting dental-floss-thin bathing suits as they made a splash in every way imaginable.

Any day now, I’ll post my “La Daily Musto” video of the high-energy (and high-altitude) event.

But picture Ms. Bartsch spinning on the bar, her legs flying akimbo for all five boroughs to see, and you’ve got the main visual.

And while you’re chewing on that, think about this:

For years, we’ve bitched out the Meatpacking District for destroying the club-kid-style nightlife.

But now it’s playing host to it!

A fair trade?