Meryl Streep As Margaret Thatcher: Another Oscar?


Meryl Streep as former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher in a heavily researched, carefully made-up film called The Iron Lady?

Reeks of Oscar, right?

Well, I know the answer.


It’s not that it doesn’t scream “Oscar bait,” and it’s not that Meryl won’t be committed and dazzling as always, if all goes according to plan.

It’s just that, as we’ve learned time and time again, the Oscar race tends to be ageist in the Best Actress category — just like Hollywood itself.

They kick older broads to the curb in favor of someone with tighter skin.

(And yes, I’m aware that Helen Mirren won for playing another British icon. It was a rare exception.)

Poor Meryl will have to settle for being the best actress in the world, while trying to find a role that could at least nab her a supporting trophy.