Newt Gingrich Gets Glittered (for Gay Marriage)


At a book signing in conjunction with the Minnesota Family Council & Institute Annual Dinner in Minneapolis, writes the YouTube poster/glitter provocateur of this video, “I greeted 2012 GOP presidential contender and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich with a shower of rainbow glitter” to protest efforts to ban gay marriage in Minnesota. The glitter-er also shouted, “Feel the Rainbow!” which did not amuse the Gingrich camp one bit.

In fact, our guerrilla glitterman was promptly escorted out and told, weirdly, “So goes you, goes the rotting of our country” and “Have you ever seen us attend your events?” (Of course not, isn’t that the point?) Glitter, not bringing people together after all! But maybe when Newt finds a random glitter shard in his ear in 10 years he’ll think, he’ll really think. In related news, Newt Gingrich has apologized to Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) for calling his Medicare plan “radical” and “right-wing engineering.”