In a digital age in which we’re constantly logging in, live streaming, and updating statuses, sometimes we wish we lived in technologically simpler times. Brooklyn-based digital artist Cory Arcangel, 32, takes us back to when Tetris was invented and Photoshop was a revolutionary idea in his new exhibition Pro Tools at the Whitney. You’ll see a range of works including single-channel video, kinetic sculpture, and prints that are focused on the concept of “product demonstrations.” The highlight of the exhibit is Arcangel’s bowling alley, consisting of large-scale projections of bowling games, from the ’70s to today, that examine the history of video games and of graphic representation in the digital medium. And because Arcangel’s work always comes with a good dose of humor, he’s hacked the games to throw only gutter balls.

May 26-Sept. 11, 2011