The Day (This Week) That Manhattan Media Ate Itself, Threw Up, and Then Ate That


Maybe it’s the weather, but today has been sort of annoying and self-involved for New York City media types (no, really, even more than normal), especially the ones required to read the Internet all day. Everyone seemed a little bit crazy and angry or at least feigning outrage, and so, just this once, Press Clips, our daily media column, is a casual summary, as imagined as one side of the most obnoxious post-work conversation ever. (Warning: This is what you sound like to your significant other.) Here it goes:

So, first there was this article about three dudes who work at glossy magazines who are not gay or women, but they are white and in charge and like sports and slang. A few people giggled at it and got the sort-of subtle critique of their meatheaded-ness, but then some other people didn’t, or didn’t think it was clear enough, because, haha, they still went to Ivy League schools and aren’t even that manly, and also, holy shit, another dubious trend story using the rule of three(ish)? And what about women — there are female editors, too, but not that many of them, and they certainly do not get their own newspaper profile, because men rule the world. Like take, for instance, the guy who runs the most powerful newspaper there is — he also gets to write for his newspaper’s also very influential weekly magazine because he’s the boss, but really hasn’t taken much advantage of his (additional!) pulpit, and instead he just complains about technology like an old person who doesn’t realize that we’ve already had these conversations on the Internet. And this week he compares giving his daughter a Facebook page to giving her crystal meth before recycling arguments Socrates made — not to mention everyone after Socrates about every technology from writing to the printing press to the Internet — but because he’s writing about the Internet for the Internet everyone acted super worked up. I mean, even his employees were responding to him on his own website. And, get this, one of the dude editors from the first article is actually the extremely important man-editor’s boss at the important magazine, isn’t that crazy, so if he were to fire him that would be the guyest thing he could do, you know? I know, I know, it’s like we need an encyclopedia to keep it all straight. Or they could even get a TV show or a movie or something, right? I mean, at least I’m not even going into the music writing today, now that’s an absurd world. Anyway, yeah, of course media about local media overshadows even other media about media, at least in New York City, like even if it’s international news or Osama Bin Laden-related. Man, remember that mess? And, oh my god, you should see Twitter — yeah, you’re right, let’s go outside, who cares if it’s raining.