Voice Choices



Times New Viking lurched from the Columbus, Ohio, underground in 2005 with a blown-out, speaker-grating, ear-poking, beyond-the-red sound that launched a thousand trend pieces—you may remember buzzwords like “lo-fi,” “no-fi,” “shitgaze,” or the lesser-used “shit-fi” until “chillwave” distracted us. Their Matador coming-out party for their 2008 album, Rip It Off, was 31 minutes of treble-trouble fucksquall like Guided by Voices recording on My First Sony—probably the harshest thing they’ve co-signed since the days of the Bunnybrains. But for this year’s album, Dancer Equired, the band (now on Merge) emerged like indie-rock butterflies who had been incubating way too long in a tape-hiss cocoon. They had these chiming, clear-headed hooks all along, and now aren’t shy about showing them off—once the crust is peeled away, and someone actually mics their drums, TNV are actually making cuddly Vaselines records for modern softies. Aww! With The Babies and Phantom Family Halo.

Fri., May 27, 8:30 p.m., 2011

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