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This Week in the Voice: The Obie Awards 2011


This week in the Voice, Michael Feingold muses on the current state of theater, cost-cutting and all. “The arts can find ways out of their straitened financial situation,” he says, going on to talk about the folks in New York theater who help, and have helped, give it meaning. Related: Eric Grode has coverage of the 56th annual Obies event, and you can find photos here.

Elsewhere, Michael Musto gives the 49 furious reasons that he hates celebrities: “their pulverized foreheads look a tad out of place in films about 16th-century England,” for example.

Jess Harvell takes on the “comeback” (even though he never really went anywhere) of Glenn Danzig, who “won’t dilute his art or alter his aesthetic to please anyone.”

Man’ouChe, on Bay Ridge’s Fifth Avenue, “offers the city’s most intimate look at today’s Lebanese vernacular cuisine,” says Robert Sietsema.

Lauren Shockey covers Spasso, a new West Village Italian restaurant that “will happily feed you” in a quaint, unpretentious setting — even if the food isn’t mind-blowing.

J. Hoberman weighs in on Cannes 2011, which “has issues,” he says, having been all “about parents (and parent surrogates) and their troubled children, many of both types pretty much from hell,” from The Tree of Life to We Need to Talk About Kevin to Michael.

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