Botox Mom ‘Kerry Campbell’ Fooled Everyone, Is Not Really a Botox Mom, Is Still Messed Up


Oooh! Will America be mad at this, or what? The alleged Botox Mom is a farce! A hoax (as earlier speculated)! A tawdry effort to make a bit of cash and get a little bit famous, reports TMZ, which claims to have a sworn declaration written by a woman named Sheena Upton, who says she was approached by The Sun and asked to play “Kerry Campbell” for their story “I Give My 8-Year-Old Daughter Botox.” She says the paper gave her $200. Then she was approached by the morning shows to appear, upon which she got, she says, “a large fee” (a source says $10,000; another says that the compensation story is false, but that money was given to license photos). If we can believe any of this, and that Upton has a daughter, her daughter was then taken away.

Says TMZ:

Upton now admits in her declaration, “The truth is I have never given my daughter Botox, nor allowed her to get any type of waxing, nor is she a beauty pageant contestant.”

Upton says professionals agree with her declaration, because on May 17, she took her daughter to the UCLA Medical Center and says, “After my daughter received a full medical exam, the results indicated that she has not ever received treatments including Botox or other such injections.”

Her daughter has since, apparently, been returned to her. TMZ cites Upton’s motivation for making the declaration as wanting to make sure she gets full custody rights. A cynical person might speculate that this is helping Upton drag out her moment in the spotlight a little bit longer. In any case, ABC News is investigating the declaration and what they call a “rapidly shifting story” and says, “Good Morning America is solely interested in getting to the truth and will share with our audience any new information that we find.”

So, what’s more angry-making: a woman who gives Botox and “virgin waxes” to her eight-year-old, or a woman who pretends to do so for money, goes on the morning-show circuit, has her child taken away from her, says she’s sorry and asks for forgiveness — and then reveals that all was a lie when she actually has to face repercussions for what she’s faked? Let the Internet rage commence!

There’s a lesson here for all of us. Don’t believe The Sun. And, Kerry Campbell/Sheena Upton/Whoever You Are, don’t get involved in a money-making scheme that saddles you with the name “Botox Mom” for the rest of your life. Aim higher, girl. That shit will stay with you.

Update: Via the Huffington Post, The Sun has denied “any suggestion it solicited or knowingly published a false story regarding Kerry Campbell and her daughter.”