Frank Console, 49, Just Too Frank: Locked Up for Making Lunatic Death Threats


In one of the noisier, and sadder, cries for help heard in a long time, 49-year-old Brooklynite Frank Console was nabbed after making a series of death threats against various state and local politicians and the Staten Island cops. Calling by phone to 911 from the St. George Ferry Terminal on May 7, the Staten Island Advance‘s John M. Annese writes, court records say Console announced: “My name is Frank Mitt Scotti Scalaquiti. I want to kill the mayor and the governor, not the president. I have an AK-47.”

It’s not known why he made a point of saying he didn’t have a grudge against President Obama.

On May 9, cops say, he called from a hospital in Queens and said, “I want to kill the mayor, governor, and all the police on Staten Island.”

On Monday, May 15, he called from near the Whitehall Ferry Terminal, according to cops, and said, “There is a bomb in the 120th Precinct.” The Advance says he was caught on video making that call and was grabbed after he took the ferry to St. George.

He and his threats are familiar to cops, the Advance notes. In any case, he was charged with three counts of making a terrorist threat. And as the Post notes, he is being held without bail after telling Judge Alan J. Meyer during arraignment, “Fuck you, bitch!”

It’s unlikely that Console will get the help or medication that he needs.