Here Is a Lovely Gift for Someone Who Lives in Brooklyn and Hates Manhattan


What, you wanna start trouble? If so, this is available on Etsy, via the Fourth Floor Print Shop, for the cost of a whole lotta PBRs (translation: $24, plus shipping and handling). The vivid yet relaxing blue color and epistolary style belie the fact that this 16-by-20-inch “lighthearted jab at that other borough across the river” is really just a fancy F.U., “screen printed by hand in Brooklyn with archival non-toxic ink,” INDEED. How Brooklyn. If you buy or have already bought one, please tell us what you do with it (Hey, it’s been liked more than 360 times on Facebook already)! If you live in Manhattan and are planning a counter-attack in signage, please tell us, too. Sincerely, Us.