If You Happen To Be In The Vicinity Of Rockefeller Center, Be Sure To Visit The Ever-Growing Tent City Of Lady Gaga Fans


“Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds,” goes the motto of the Post Office, but it also could be applied to fans of Lady Gaga, who are already camped out outside the NBC studios in hopes of seeing their patron saint perform on the Saturday Night Live finale this weekend; Gaga tweeted the photo at left, along with promises of treats for the campers, shortly after she hinted that a “dreamy” guest star would be joining her this weekend. (?uestlove also tweeted a photo of Gaga fans yesterday with a bit of astonishment at peoples’ willingness to wait 96 hours just to see their heroine, but the line has definitely grown since then.) No word on how many of those people are just as excited to see this week’s SNL host Justin Timberlake, although I’d love to do a survey gauging how many of them share the opinion of this reporter and think that he really needs to get back to making music–and knocking off the “voicing animated characters in crap movies” dilly-dallying–ASAP.