Ronnell Jones, ‘Cross-Dressing Killer,’ Still on the Loose


Twenty-three-year-old Ronnell Jones is on the run from New York state police who say he killed two and injured four, including a five-year-old, in a 2010 robbery gone wrong. “We believe he is a vicious criminal,” said Yonkers Police Commissioner Ed Hartnett. “And we are asking the public to help us capture him.” Jones is 5 feet, 11 inches tall, about 180 pounds and a “cold-blooded killer,” but police say he’s managed to avoid them by dressing like a woman. “And, yes, in my 30-plus-year career in law enforcement, I have not encountered somebody hiding from law enforcement for a vicious murder wearing women’s clothing,” said Harnett somewhat surprisingly. (You’d think a dress would be the simplest disguise there is; it beats this.) “We don’t care if he’s wearing high heels and a skirt, we’re going to get him.” [FoxNY]