Skinniest, Most Adorable House in New York Is for Sale Again


If you have a spare $4.3 million to throw down, you could buy the most adorable, extremely thin house in New York City, 75 1/2 Bedford Street (1/2!), which has recently come back on the market, reports Curbed. Despite it being a mere eight feet and some inches across at its girthiest point, it continues to increase in value, or at least asking price, from $1.6 million in 2000 to $2.75 million in 2009, to almost doubling that today.

It’s been renovated, and Cary Grant, among other famous old folks, have been associated with the place, but we can’t help thinking that its worth somehow goes along with the fact that if it wore clothes it would totally fit in size double zero. Oh, just kidding! Anyway, the house is, frankly, sort of awesome, for New York City, if but a fancy broom closet elsewhere.

[via Curbed]