Trump Being Protested Today For Racism!


His hair might be color-blind, but he certainly isn’t.

In fact, some of Trump’s recent ratings-grabbing stunts reeked of bigotry as he went after our president over misguided issues of validity and intelligence.

And now he’s got hell to pay.

Here’s an angry mass email that just went out from Color of Change, who’ve planned a big protest for today, which will curl Trump’s coif for sure:

“We’re going to hand out flyers in front of the Trump International Hotel and Tower on Central Park West in Manhattan.

“The flyers carry a simple message: Don’t reward Trump’s racist attacks by supporting his hotels.

“After questioning whether President Obama is really an American citizen, Trump went on to ask if Obama was really qualified to attend Ivy league schools and asked for his college transcripts.

“Trump was implying that Obama couldn’t possibly be intelligent enough to achieve this kind of success without an unfair advantage. It’s an attack that many people of color recognize–when we achieve something big, some people question if we’ve really earned it.

“Trump isn’t just attacking Obama–he’s attacking the idea that all of us deserve to be respected and treated as equals. There are still people who can’t accept that a Black man can or should be President. Trump is speaking to them and helping make their racist worldview more acceptable.

“Can you print out some flyers and join us on Thursday between noon and 2pm? Please RSVP by sending an email to

“Please print some out some flyers and bring them with you on Thursday–you can download the flyer by clicking here:

“Meet in front of the front entrance on Central Park West between Columbus Circle and
61st street.”

If you agree, start printing and screaming! Tell Trump he’s fired!