U.S. Debt in $1 Bills Would Go to the Moon and Back Twice, Plus Other Useless Facts


“Most people have trouble conceptualizing $14.3 trillion,” Reuters reports about the U.S. government’s debt. Yes, it’s true! (Duh?) And so they have provided some fun trivia, which actually gets us no closer to understanding what a number that big means, but sure does sound neat. For instance, with the $125 billion the government borrows every month, “the United States could buy each of its more than 300 million residents an Apple Inc. iPad.” Or! “A stack of dimes equivalent to [our daily borrowings] would wrap all the way around the Earth with change to spare.” The national debt, in $1 bills, “would reach to the moon and back twice.” All of this nonsense is because, yes, the U.S. hit its “debt ceiling” on Monday and Congress has until August 2 to raise it, lest we default. And then how would we all get iPads? [Reuters]