Upper East Side to Get Pricey Macarons, Asshole-y Cupcakes


In a double victory for those who prefer their desserts to be of the dollhouse-sized and/or annoying variety, Manhattan’s northeastern climes are getting both (more) cupcakes and (more) macarons.

The latter come courtesy of Maison Ladurée, the 149-year-old Parisian bakery that, as Eater discovered, will open a shop at 845 Madison Avenue in July.

The former, also per Eater, are from Stella’s Sweet Shoppe, a Miami-based company that describes its “designer” cupcakes as “a cross between grandma’s cooking and the minimalism of the fashion world,” “chic, elegant, and delicious,” and the “indulgence of choice for the socialite set.” We always thought that last part referred to coffee enemas and vaginoplasty, but what do we know.