Watch Out, Galliano! There’s a New Hitler Lover In Town!


For some reason, creative visionaries have felt emboldened to spill their deep, dark admiration for Adolf Hitler in public lately.

First, designer John Galliano was ruined for screaming such thoughts at someone he felt deserved to be in an oven.

And now, filmmaker Lars von Trier has been banned from the Cannes Film Festival for giving a long spiel at a press conference — satirical, one hopes — in which he said Hitler’s “not what I would call a good guy, but I understand much about him and I sympathize with him a little.”

This while his film’s star, Kirsten Dunst, rolled her eyes as if she saw her career spiraling into the flames of horror.

Well, von Trier is a provocateur who has always enjoyed upsetting people, from his film that mixed snippets of The Sound of Music with a scene of capital punishment, to the wacky comedy with tons of genital mutilation — and I adored both of them, by the way.

But clearly he’s overstepped the line this time.

Or is it the festival organizers themselves who are the Nazis?

As someone pointed out, they had no problem parading Mel Gibson on a runway despite his highly unaesthetic and vocal racist and anti-Semitic rants.

Von Trier’s film, by the way, is called Melancholia. Discuss.