Woman Uses $100 Bill as Her Bookmark. On the Subway.


Sighted on the G train today by the Voice‘s Steven Thrasher: A woman using what appears to be a $100 bill as a bookmark. Out in the open. Holding her place in a book from — not a joke — the Rich Dad franchise. Appropriately or not, the woman was reading up on how to buy a house. Thrasher reports that she and a friend “were sitting in front of the subway map, and person after person kept coming to look at the map, appalled when they realized this oblivious woman had a $100 bill in full view. No one warned her, though.”

Is this a sign that the recession is finally over, or that crisply folded $100 bills make really good bookmarks? There’s also the possibility the bill might be a fake. Whether or not that is a good idea is up for discussion.

Still, “Subway reads bookmarked with $100 bills” seems a nice contemporary follow-up to “Streets paved with gold,” no?

If you are or know this woman — get in touch!