Ask the Critics: What Are Some Good Online Resources to Send Food Gifts?


Maya L. Asks: I’m looking for a birthday gift for my food-loving partner. If it were up to me, I’d send him a picnic basket full of lobster rolls from the Lobster Pound and booze to his workplace in Midtown … but I’m in Senegal and out of the loop. Do you have any ideas for creative food gifts or delivery via websites I can order from?

Dear Maya: First of all, thanks for checking in all the way from Senegal. I can imagine that it would be hard to plan a birthday gift from across the ocean, so here are some sites that have cool foodie presents he might enjoy.

I really like food-of-the-month gifts because they really are the gift that keeps on giving, and who doesn’t like coming home to a surprise box of goods?

I love Melissa’s for the variety of high-quality produce they sell. They were the first company to introduce several fruits and veggies into the country, so I think a subscription to the exotic fruit club would be cool. The full year is pricey at $403, but a three-month deal isn’t too bad at $123. Or introduce him to the world beyond Cavendishes with the banana sampler (eight pounds for $28), featuring baby bananas, red bananas, Manzano bananas, and plantains — perhaps some of the fruits you’re eating right now in Senegal?

Foodzie is another good resource. Think of it as the Etsy of food, curating tasty treats from across the country. A three-month subscription is $55, and your friend will get a box filled with artisanal goodies from producers like Granola Girl, Sassy Sauces, Terra Verde Farms, and many more.

Finally, since your friend is a dude, how about getting him some meat? In addition to its classic cheese-of-the-month clubs, Murray’s Cheese offers a meat-of-the-month club. Two hundred dollars will get you a four-month subscription and will include cooked and cured meats along with sausages and pâtés. And if it’s beyond your budget, they do regular gift boxes beginning at $35 for the Three Amigos. In that, he’ll get quince jam, Manchego cheese, and Marcona almonds, a/k/a an instant cocktail party (minus the booze).