Edi & the Wolf and Pizza Roma Unveil Their Secret Gardens


Back when we wrote up our post on the 10 Best NYC Restaurants With Secret Gardens, we limited it to places whose gardens were open. But good news for you alfresco dining fans — two more restaurants have unveiled their own secluded spots for that great outdoor dining experience.

Edi & the Wolf’s backyard (pictured above) is partially covered, and festooned with an array of potted plants, herbs, and flowering trees. Not quite the Vienna Woods, but perhaps even nicer. Along with some landjäger sausages and a glass of Gruner, (and maybe a Claritin if you’re the runny-nose type come spring), you’ve got yourself a mighty fine evening.

Over in the West Village, Roman-style pizza newcomer Pizza Roma has debuted its back garden, a small enclosed patio overlooking some apartment buildings. It’s not quite as lovely as Edi & the Wolf’s, but it’s still a tranquil setting for some squash-blossom-topped pizza eating. Any kind of pizza, really.

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