End of Ray’s?


Regardless of your feelings on how beneficial restaurant inspections are to the general public, we can all agree that where Ray’s Candy Store is concerned, the DOH is one vengeful mother.

After being shut down on Monday for violations totaling 53 points, Ray Alvarez re-opened his shop, only to be shut down again — and heavily fined — by the DOH. As Bob Arihood reports on Neither More Nor Less, Ray’s was once again inspected yesterday by two different inspectors, who spent two hours assessing the minuscule storefront before failing Alvarez again for a few mouse turds and a jacked-up restroom door.

He’s being inspected again today, and will have to go before an administrative judge on three separate occasions. There will likely be heavy fines, further imperiling a business that has over the past year survived largely thanks to the kindness of strangers.

As Arihood writes, “We have to say here that though we are aware that Ray is not without fault what this city is doing to him and to other small businesses is wrong. With this soulless ravenous beast of a city administration at the door of every small business regularly, few will survive.”

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