Gilt New York Selling ‘Personal Paparazzi Experience’ to Morons for $1,500


The group coupon website Gilt City’s New York edition is selling a “Celeb 4 A Day” package today, offering “Up to 50% Off Personal Paparazzi Experience.” This is exactly what it sounds like: For hundreds of (or more than a thousand!) dollars, personal paparazzi will follow you around and take your picture, and also “shriek your name, shout questions about your scandalous exploits, and take tabloid-worthy photos as you go about your business.” We repeat: This is real. And expensive.

The “A List Package” will run you $330 (down from $550 — this is a coupon website) and includes:

• 4 personal paparazzi for up to 30 minutes
• Cover of “My Star” magazine (8″x10″)
• At least 20 images

Then there’s the Mega Star Package for $1,500 (previously $3,000):

• 6 personal paparazzi
• 1 bodyguard
• 1 “publicist”
• Limousine (up to 2 hours)
• Cover of “My Star” magazine (8″x10″)
• At least 20 images

Lady Gaga, entourage, headlines, lensmen, famous, Chris Martin paparazzi-punch, love, Manhattan only, “It’s just too real not to believe!”

Sorry, what happened? We blacked out.


[ / @joecoscarelli]