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Friday, Friday, Friday — time for five days’ worth of moderate nostalgia …

Our 10 Best Legal and Sort of Legal Picnic Spots.

The Dutch’s Naren Young discusses barrel-aging cocktails and stealing pickled ramp juice.

Talking with Alex Alejandro of El Parador Café about salsas, customer demographics, and the parallels between using ramps and having a good sex life.

Five lovable food mascots that probably helped make us fat.

A fancy shrimp and grits battle between Imperial No. Nine and Joseph Leonard.

The Big Gay Ice Cream Shop promises a ton of toppings, “big, bold flavors,” and maybe a Bea Arthur minotaur.

Rocket Joe and the sesame slice.

10 ideas for foodie street fairs that haven’t been tried yet.

Breakfast cereals have been advertised with false health benefits for, well, ever.

Five reasons why brunch sucks.