Royal Wedding Junk Is Up for Sale — Get It Before the Rapture!


The Royal Wedding happened way back in a world in which Osama Bin Laden was still alive. Remember, Prince William married commoner Kate Middleton, which made them the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge? The wedding was attended by crying children, both Beckhams, and even silly hats (more on that in a minute). We liveblogged it all for your reading pleasure at five in the morning. Now that the Rapture is coming (maybe), it’s important to hold these loving memories close to our hearts. If we’re going down, we want to go down holding stuff that reminds us of the greatest wedding in the history of mankind. Let’s see what priceless Royal Wedding memorabilia is still lurking about the Web!

Princess Beatrice Royal Wedding Hat by Philip Treacy
The meme heard ’round the world is up for grabs on eBay and its current bid is the rough equivalent of US$89,397.98. Really? $90K for that hat? Let’s just keep moving.

The Royal Wedding PEZ Dispenser
We told you about the set of limited edition PEZ dispensers last month and the bidding just ended this week. The William and Kate candy holders went for £8,200, or the U.S. equivalent of $13,279.90. Cool, guys, that’s a really smart purchase we’re sure you won’t regret at all.

Kate Middleton’s Childhood Home
You can now live in the place where the fairy tale began! According to Us Magazine, the house is going for “£495,000 ($804,573 in U.S. funds).” Just imagine it: sleeping in the same room that the Duchess of Cambridge had her awkward teen years in!

Kate Middleton Replica Ring
Let’s get one thing straight: Kate’s ring was freaking gorgeous. Blue sapphire surrounded by gleaming diamonds? She’s a classy lady and that’s one classy ring. But cheesy replicas of the rings are being pawned off on sale for $34.95 at We’re getting one for each finger.

Official Royal Wedding Crown Proof Coin
There are only 7,500 of these coins out there. They’re made of sterling silver and layered in 24K gold. The coin is official British legal tender and was struck by the Royal Mint (not the May flavor of the month at Baskin Robins). They cost $179 and you can buy them at HSN (where else?).

The only problem with the coin is that Kate looks horrifying! Take a look: