Staten Island Dump May Get Windmills to Give New York Renewable Energy


Wind and solar energy are probably the two coolest “human tricks” that we’ve pulled in the past 100 years. We’ve all seen the commercials for wind energy that feature cars speeding through plains (or deserts), past rolling hills studded with beautiful white towers. Gorgeous! And solar energy? Those panels look like something straight out of X-Men. The problem is that they’re never really seen around New York City. We’re sure there’s some high-rise popping up on the LES that features huge windmills on top that will piss everyone off, but until that comes, we may have to rely on Staten Island lawmakers. The New York Daily News reports that S.I. officials are planning to turn part of the Fresh Kills landfill into a space for the city to get some much needed renewable energy.

The News attended a civic meeting on Staten Island where city Department of Environmental Protection Commissioner Cas Holloway spoke at length at the issue. Among his quotes:

“Our teams were together just two days ago poring over a map of the landfill to identify what are the spaces [where] we think this is feasible to do.”

“We’re going to let the market tell us — solar? Wind? What is a carbon-neutral way to generate energy there that we think can work?”

“We have a whole strategy to develop renewables in the city and it’s pretty exciting. So you’re going to see movement on this pretty fast.”

Not to be total haters, but we’ll believe these developments when we see them. Progress in Staten Island always takes longer than expected — almost as long as it takes to get a cab.

Suspicions aside, we’d be glad to see the former Dump turned into the beautiful utopia that Islanders have been promised since the landfill closed in 2001.