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The Two Biggest Lies Actors Always Tell


I’ve heard them over and over again and I always respond by nodding my head while rolling my eyes.

They are:

1. “I never read reviews.”

This was just said to me by someone in a smash show. Do you really believe this person somehow hadn’t heard the reviews were amazing and didn’t follow that up by looking up every single glorious word? Might the pull quotes that greet them as they enter the theater every night not be a tiny clue?

Not reading reviews might actually be a healthy thing for an actor to do — but I don’t believe all the actors who say they skip them really do so, especially when everyone on earth knows they’re raves!

2. “I found out about my nomination when my agent called me. I’d forgotten it was even nomination day!”

Again, more false humility. The reality is, nomination day is the central occurrence for many of these people’s lives. It’s a day of vindication, validation, and ego boost (if they get nominated, that is). And for months, they’ve worked toward that day and been regularly reminded of it, so they know exactly when it’s coming and have ALL set their alarm clocks accordingly.

For these people to then say, “I was so shocked! I had no idea it was even that day!” deserves a whole other nomination for acting (unless they’re working when it happens — but even then, they know what’s coming).

But I love actors. No one bullshits more rivetingly.