The Week in Food Blogs: Brunch Sucks, Long Live Brunch!; The Ultimate Burger Taste-Off




This week in food blogs:

Eater mapped out the hottest new 12 brunch spots. (Even though we all know brunch sucks.)

Grub Street asked, Will the new Bon Appétit, with its Gwyneth cover, matter?

Midtown Lunch got excited about a brand-new Jamaican food truck hitting the streets. Hello, Sunrise Grill.

A Hamburger Today conducted the ultimate taste test, pitting Shack Shack against Five Guys against In-N-Out.

Food Republic sampled George Washington’s whiskey.

The Food Section looked into decoding the cost of beer.

Zagat Buzz gave us its 30 most influential food-industry folk under the age of 30.