Dominique Strauss-Kahn Staying Near Ground Zero


Former IMF chief and alleged sex offender Dominique Strauss-Kahn has left Rikers Island and is being housed in a building near Ground Zero. The building is part of the NYPD’s “Ring of Steel,” which is a network of private and police cameras near where the Twin Towers used to be. During DSK’s time at the 21-story Empire Building at 71 Broadway, he’ll be under constant surveillance by an armed guard and will wear one of those ankle bracelets like the one Lindsay Lohan had to wear.

At first, DSK tried to move into the Bristol Plaza on the Upper East Side. It didn’t work out because nobody wants DSK living in their building (the media! The vulnerable maids!). The AP got word that DSK had finally found a place to land. Now the residents of FiDi can look forward to an indefinite period of irritating photographers from New York dailies camping out in their spot.

According to the Post, DSK has already met the neighbors. Or at least one, an “infamous computer hacker” named Andrew Auernheimer, who says that Strauss-Kahn is on the fourth floor. The Empire Building apparently contains “eight or nine other guys are all in the same situation. We’re all like one big Breakfast Club in there.” Free idea: make this into a movie. “The Empire Building.” A madcap tragicomedy in which a bunch of misfit rapists and hackers hatch a daring plan to escape their fancy building, learning about themselves in the process. Anyone?

Now that DSK’s there, he’s only allowed to leave for court dates, meetings with his lawyers, doctor’s appointments and weekly religious services. Before leaving at all, he would have to give prosecutors six hours’ notice. A trial date hasn’t been set.