New Dating Opportunity For Reclusive Weirdos!


The world of online dating is full of misleading profiles. It’s a huge cliche, really. Remember what happened last week with the OkCupid lonelyhearts 4chan tried to prank? Anyway, if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em. A new dating website called “Cloud Girlfriend” casts off any pretense of realism and offers people a place to come and openly pretend to be other people. The premise is this: you cobble together a profile out of thin air, making yourself seem like whoever you want to be. Obviously you don’t use your own photo. And then you meet people who have done the same. So it’s fake people meeting fake people, getting in fake relationships, getting fake-married, and eventually having fake babies?

From the Times article: “The new incarnation of the company raises interesting questions: Can two consciously misrepresented people flirt privately and rewardingly? And can that experience blossom into a relationship?” Dishearteningly, we are asking these questions. And even more dishearteningly, these questions have been answered in the affirmative already — just look at Second Life, where people have even gotten married.

Is this just for people who have entirely given up on any semblance of reality? Look at some of the samples from Cloud Girlfriend’s front page:

“I like fast cars and exotic women.” You sound really cool, maybe I should also create a fake person so we can fake-date. I guess this is one of those “whatever floats your boat” kind of things.