Dominique Strauss-Kahn Also Put Moves On Two Hotel Workers and a Flight Attendant


Dominique Strauss-Kahn cast a wider net last week than we thought. He reportedly tried to lure two hotel employees to his suite at the Sofitel New York, and following his alleged assault on a maid, he lewdly hit on a flight attendant. This was following the alleged assault. In New York Post-ese, “This frog was one horny toad.”

First, DSK tried to get the receptionist who escorted him to his room at the Sofitel to join him for a drink after her shift was over. She refused. The next day, he tried the same thing on another receptionist, inviting her up to drink his complimentary bottle of Dom Perignon with him. She also refused.

Then of course, there was the alleged business with the maid, which we all know by now. But then — and there’s something about this that just makes the whole thing worse — after he had left the hotel and boarded the plane, he wasn’t done. Before being removed from his flight to France, he called out “Quel beau cul!” (“Nice ass!”) to one of the business class flight attendants.

His lawyer Benjamin Brafman has said that Strauss-Kahn will plead not guilty. DSK has been indicted on seven counts, including attempted rape, criminal sexual assault and unlawful imprisonment. He’ll face up to 25 years if convicted.

An aside: here’s an interesting poll in Le Point, if you’ve been keeping up with the reactions in France. When asked how they felt about DSK’s run-in with the American justice system, almost 40 percent of respondents said “Satisfied that politicians aren’t above the law, justice will say whether he’s innocent or guilty.” Hm! Surprised there isn’t more resentment. (Of course, “puritanism” makes its obligatory appearance here as well. Ten percent of respondents are “indignant” at American law enforcement’s actions in the case.)

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