Currywurst Bros. Finally Opens, Bringing Berlin’s Favorite Food to NYC


Get excited, ja, because Currywurst Bros. has finally opened, bringing the eponymous food to New York after being papered up for months. Always in search of a good sausage-fest, we stopped by this weekend to check out the goods.

Currywurst, a/k/a Berlin’s favorite food, is made by chopping up sausages or hot dogs, dousing them in ketchup, and sprinkling curry powder on top. Weird, yes, but also weirdly tasty. Currywust Bros., which opened last week and is the company’s first branch in America, offers bratwurst, beef, and turkey sausages.

What makes the shop unique, though, is the variety of curry powders offered, including purple curry, flavored with hibiscus and garlic; curry Mumbai, which promises to be fruity and fresh; curry maharaja, light and aromatic, thanks to the addition of lemon and cinnamon; curry anapura, amped up with garlic and turmeric; paprika-heavy curry Jaipur; spicier curry Kashmir, with lots of chile; “fiery but not dangerous” curry Goa; and the spiciest, dragon star curry, made with habaneros.

We opted for the original pork bratwurst ($7). The pieces of sausage were large and flavorful, and the ketchup not overly sweet or acidic but slightly runny. You’re allowed to mix and match curry powders, so we went with Mumbai on one side and the anapura on the other, which we preferred. Neither was very spicy so we’d probably go for the Kashmir, Goa, or dragon star next time. The meat came accompanied by a warm and flaky roll, but both fries and mashed potatoes are available as starchy sides.

The staff was exceedingly friendly and knowledgeable about their product, and given that the location is in prime drunk-food territory, it’s likely that this spot will be a hit. Because who doesn’t want sausage, fries, and ketchup late at night. Or hell, at any time of day.

Currywurst Bros.
182 Bleecker Street