Drinking Is Good for Old People


Here’s some happy news: If you manage to make it to the ripe old age of 75 — and chances are good for that these days if you stay out of traffic and away from the slippery edges of tall buildings and don’t play with guns and such — you will be perfectly justified in, even obligated to, reward yourself for your longevity with a daily pint or glass of wine. And in doing so, you will be less likely to suffer from dementia! Win-win.

Oldsters who engage in a “moderate amount” of tippling daily are “30 percent less likely to develop dementia and 40 percent less likely to suffer Alzheimer’s than those who are teetotal,” according to a new German study. They are also 100 percent more likely to be fun to go to bars with, and we’re betting they’ll even pay. Booze — bringing the generations together!

What is moderate? Ask Grandma. Girlfriend knows what’s up.

Older people who enjoy a daily drink ‘can stave off senility’ [Daily Mail]

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