Interactive Mommie Dearest Comes To The Ziegfeld


When Mommie Dearest first screened in 1981, I called friends squealing, “It’s the greatest movie ever made!”

I sincerely felt the over-the-top flick — an inside look at Joan Crawford’s bad mothering skills — worked on every level, from cautionary tale to fashion show to monster mash-up, and anyone who disagreed ran the risk of getting hit in the arched eyebrow with my wire hanger!

And anyway, I guess I was right because the movie has not only survived, it’s being celebrated on June 23 in an interactive version at the Ziegfeld, hosted by drag star Hedda Lettuce.

Says Hedda …

“I encourage audience members to shout out the lines, wave their wire hangers, and tell the person sitting next to them: ‘Don’t fuck with me, fellas!’

“In all this bravado, I dress as Joan Crawford and offer commentary throughout this camp romp with some intriguing surprises along the way planned especially for the Ziegfeld.”

So go, take part, and enjoy.

Just don’t make a mess or they’ll be mad at the dirt!