Neo-Burlesque Can’t Be Killed!


It’s just too irresistible, with its blend of genders and genitals, saucy humor, and body parts.

Straights get off on the risque entertainment, and gays like it, too — in fact, it’s the only time they’ve been known to applaud stripping females.

And so, the Glamour Ball — the Jen Gapay/Daniel Nardicio-produced revue at Le Poisson Rouge on Friday — was a hit, even though co-host Murray Hill cracked that it was “the first and last” one, and the other co-host, Bianca Del Rio, looked at the bare stage and deadpanned, “The set is nonexistent — like my credit.”

But the acts amply filled it up, especially disrobers, like Go-Go Harder, who artfully stripped as the crowd cheered, and Dr. Lucky (above), who emerged in the middle of a carousel animal, pulled out a pole, and rode that merry-go-round like a demon as the Chariots of Fire theme soared inspiringly.

Audience members got into the act, too, like the one who said she was “half lesbian” (“So half of you likes to go to Home Depot,” said Bianca, “and the other half decorates”).

And a prize winner was called onstage, only to have Bianca snarl, “I’m gonna pretend this is Adam4Adam and block you. Look — his asshole is lisping as he walks away!”

No one can dress you down like a good comic — and no one can dress themselves down like a fab stripper.

Long may neo-burlesque shed.