The Big Gay Ice Cream Truck Joins Forces With Mr. and Mrs. Bourdain


Here’s yet another reason to hope against hope that the goddamn skies finally clear: Tomorrow, from 4:30 until 6:30 p.m., the Big Gay Ice Cream Truck will be staffed in part by Ottavia Bourdain (whom you can see here accompanying her husband to a tattoo parlor).

Per the truck’s blog, Mrs. Anthony will be dispensing cones to raise money for Doctors Without Borders: All tips left during her stint will be donated to the organization, and Bourdain himself will donate an amount equal to all of the day’s receipts. Sadly, there is no mention of any appearance from Ruth Bourdain, but if you’re extra nice and tip extra well, perhaps the missus will drop a few hints.

[Via Eater]