The Rapture’s New Album Will Be Out In September (Yes, Really)


All you people making jokes about the weekend’s non-events and a certain dance outfit New York band can now LOL with some facts on your side: The Rapture took time out this morning to announce that their fourth album, In The Grace Of Your Love, comes out on DFA on Sept. 6. Those people who were savvy enough to check out the band’s official site over the weekend probably saw this coming, but still, this announcement comes as a nice–and very well-timed–surprise!


Friend of SOTC forwards along this news about a 12-inch that’s a collaboration between former Rapture member Mattie Safer and the Dan Beaumont/Ben Rymer collaboration Dance Factory; it goes on sale in the UK today:

Jam Factory make music for dancefloors. With a rich heritage of music between them, Dan Beaumont & Ben Rymer are better placed than most to know how to make you move. A string of sell-out vinyl releases and critically acclaimed remixes (DFA and Strictly Rhythm, amongst others) over the past year have shown their talent for serving up dark subterranean house music….

One Night Stand Is Jam Factory’s third self-released single; a collaboration with New York-based vocalist Mattie Safer (formally of The Rapture). One Night Stand is a piano-driven Chicago style anthem with heavy drums and a touch of acid. Mattie delivers a classic house performance in his own instantly recognisable style. Jam Factory have also turned out their own remix featuring haunting keys and a spaced out melody over their trademark crisp percussion; a vintage nod to modern dancefloors.