Women Also Now Sick of Foodies


David Chang still hates food bloggers (and bears still shit in the woods), and for that we are grateful, as it’s one of the few things in life we can take for granted. But certain manly-man gastronomes may not be as grateful to know that some ladies are also fed up with their tendency to wax analytic over spring asparagus and $5 Mexican Cokes.

Or at least that’s what we can take from an essay on xojane entitled “Men I’m Over: Foodies.”

“If a dude who makes pickles for a living can ask you if you’ve heard of his spicy asparagus with the same sort of smugness as a guy in Williamsburg who asks you if you’ve heard of his band then, women, we are in trouble,” a woman named Jessica writes after being blown off by an unnamed Brooklyn pickle maker. She continues that it’s “the same with men who are just buying the food … the men I’ve found who want to linger at farmer’s markets are like obsessive teenage boys at a vinyl shop.”

Of course, this is far from the first foodie backlash we’ve witnessed: When they’re not the target of a moral crusade and making the farmers’ markets too crowded, they’re being called horribly contrived, awkward names.

But this time, it’s more personal. Men, your gastro obsessions may be jeopardizing your ability to get laid. Ladies aren’t as dazzled by how suavely you source and truss a Bobo Farms chicken or pronounce “bruschetta” as they may have been before everyone started having an opinion about house-made ice cubes. As Jessica writes, “it’s fine to eat healthy and homegrown food but you can be quieter and nicer about it.” Or at least, for God’s sake, offer to do the dishes.