8 Zingers from Gabrielle Hamilton’s De Gustibus Cooking Class Last Week


Gabrielle Hamilton has bared all in her bestselling memoir, Blood, Bones & Butter. And she bared a little more at her De Gustibus class last week. Ever entertaining, here are some of the best lines she delivered during her cooking demo.

“We’ve switched places. That’s the big joke. Chefs are all doing home cooking and home cooks are all using KitchenAids and sous-vides.”

“People used to want to know the maître d’ [at restaurants]. I don’t know why [they care so much about knowing chefs nowadays]. I’m grateful to be in the right place at the right time.”

“Did you ever see the movie called 127 Hours, where the guy has to saw off his own arm? [When I was watching it] I wanted him to know how to debone a chicken. He kept trying to cut through the bone. I wanted him to know he could go in through the joint and” (demonstrating using a sharp twist of her wrist) “pop it out.”

“Crap.” (repeatedly)

“My meal at El Bulli was amazing. But the American counterparts [of Ferran Adrià] do not turn me on.”

“I’m a greenmarket avoider. I like the product a lot. It’s just too precious and fey and dear.”

“I’m not old, but I’m old-school.”

On Pino of Pino’s Prime Meats in Soho:

“He’s a great butcher … but I go in there cautiously. Sometimes it’s like, Woah! Hey! He’s got my butt in his hand.”