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Awkward Moment at Awards Show


Last night at the Drama Desk Awards at the Manhattan Center, a man who was part of the Beatles revue Rain — which had just copped an award — started chatting me up.

He and his wife turned out to be really nice, and they even slipped me a ticket to get up to the after-party.

Everything was lovelier than strawberry fields — until the guy clucked, “Someone from the Voice wrote a piece about 40 things they hate about New York or something — and one of the things was shows like ours!”


I bit my tongue so hard it threatened to turn the whole lobby into a red carpet.

Call me crazy, but I didn’t want to blurt, “That was me!”

But all was forgotten as we piled into the elevator and moved on to the bash. Phew! Saved by an open bar.

At the same event, adorable 88-year-old Fyvush Finkel told me he missed getting invited to the Obies this year. I vowed to get him back on that list, as God is my witness!

And I talked with Anything GoesAdam Godley and his partner and they seemed — like all of us — a little weary but optimistic and ready to keep awardsing it up.

Ob-la-di, ob-la-da, life goes on …