Frank Bruni Moves from Dining Section to Op-Ed Page; Subway Tests Café Model


The United Food and Commercial Workers union is trying to mobilize 5,000 workers at 27 Target stores in the New York City area.
[NY Times]

The city has extended its 2003 ban on smoking in restaurants and bars to include city parks and public beaches.

Despite economic woes and rising inflation, sales of organic foods continue to grow in Europe and the United States, attracting investors.
[NY Times]

Former New York Times food critic and author Frank Bruni has been named an op-ed columnist at the paper.
[Wall Street Journal]

Joseph Yannai, a cookbook author in Westchester, was charged with molesting eight young female assistants between 2003 and 2009.
[NY Post]

A new social networking site called Restaurant Reason, launched by a waiter, enables restaurants to train staff and do online scheduling.
[Wall Street Journal]

Cattle ranchers around the country are up in arms over new regulations for branding cows that will not recognize hot-iron brands and instead call for numerical ID tags.
[Wall Street Journal]

The Daily Meal ranked America’s most successful celebrity chefs, with Wolfgang Puck and Jamie Oliver getting top honors.
[NY Post]

Subway is taking a page out of McDonald’s book and testing a more upscale format called Subway Café that will feature espresso drinks and baked goods.
[Nation’s Restaurant News]

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