‘Happy Guys’ Are Less Sexually Attractive to Women, Says Science


According to science — it’s always according to science — women are significantly less sexually attracted to “happy guys” than they are to men who swagger, brood, or are generally bad news. This is unfortunate, as happy guys seem way more fun to hang out with than swaggering broodsters with attitude problems, but, women like what they like, we guess? Or scientific studies think they do. Shall we explore this study?

Researchers at the University of British Columbia who wanted to understand “the enduring allure of bad boys” did a series of studies in which 1,000 adults rated the sexual attractiveness of people in photos in which they demonstrated different body language — broad smiles for happiness, “puffed-up chests” for pride, lowered heads and averted eyes for shame. The women preferred the dudes who looked “proud and powerful or moody and ashamed” and…NOT HAPPY. The men liked the ladies who looked happy, not “proud or confident.” Is this why certain men are always telling certain women to “smile”? Please stop doing that. It’s really fucking annoying.

Of course, this is all based on scientifically reviewed reactions to photos of unknown people, not on actual people with thoughts and personalities and feelings who are trying to meet and possibly date in real life. As Alec Beall, the study’s co-author, reminds us: “We were not asking participants if they thought these targets would make a good boyfriend or wife — we wanted their gut reactions on carnal, sexual attraction.”

In fact, according to a variety of studies and also what we know in real life, “positive emotional traits and a nice personality” are highly desirable, even preferable, in relationship partners. That’s a relief. So, let’s all take this information with a grain of salt while redoing our photos for our online dating profiles. Happy guys, we still like you. We do!

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