“La Daily Musto” The Video Strikes Again! This Time At The Standard!


Every Tuesday night at Le Bain at the top of the Standard Hotel, Susanne Bartsch and the Zand Collective throw “On Top,” a bash attracting a startling mix of people to match the dizzying views.

Well, I was there with New York Film Academy’s Geoffray Barbier to make a quickie, Fellini-esque video capturing the drag queens wearing bread baskets and the bathing-suited guys in the Jacuzzi sporting baskets of their own.

This party takes you high atop New York. In fact, you can’t get any higher!

Take your Dramamine and prepare for some colorful drama involving very hot people.

Let me apologize in advance, though, for saying “amazing” one too many times.

When excited, I become amazingly clichéd!