New York City Lost the Tourist Game to Orlando


Apparently Mayor Michael Bloomberg wanted New York City to be the first city in America to annoy its permanent residents with 50 million tourists in one year. In 2010, Bloomberg said NYC had 48.7 million visitors, while Orlando, Florida had 48.6 million, and that we would be at the 50 million mark by 2012. But then Florida recounted (womp-womp) and actually, they had 51.45 million in 2010, so the game is already over. But George A. Fertitta, NYC’s tourism marketing man, says there never was a game to begin with. “We’re not in competition with Orlando,” Fertitta said. “They’re saying that they grew by 10 percent, which seems extraordinary. If it’s accurate, God bless them.” For some reason, he kept going, sounding more and more sore. “I never heard of their goal being 50 million,” Fertitta said. “That’s Mike Bloomberg’s goal.” But George, that’s how losers talk. [NYT]