Robert Spearing Fakes Own Mugging to Cover Up Failure to Procure Oprah Tickets


You probably already know that the Oprah Show is in its final days. The first of the three-part finale has aired. There is much mystery about what will happen next — even Oprah doesn’t know! Thus, the stakes are high. So high that a Canadian man named Robert Spearing, 44, could not face telling his wife he couldn’t get tickets and instead faked his own mugging in which the tickets, ostensibly, were stolen. Because everyone, especially die-hard criminals who would beat a man for his Oprah tickets, really want to see the final Oprah.

Spearing spared little personal expense — minus the expense of actually acquiring the invitation-only tickets — cutting his forehead with a rock and scraping his hands on the pavement in an attempt to convince Chicago cops that he’d been attacked by “two men — one African-American, one Hispanic,” reports the New York Post. Spearing claimed the men stole his tickets, but upon further questioning by cops, admitted he’d made the whole thing up.

This was all so as not to disappoint his wife, who is quite the Oprah fan, and who is surely disappointed through no fault of her own now. Oprah, are you listening? Spearing was released on $2,000 bail and is due back in court on charges of disorderly conduct and filing a false police report during the — this is awkward — final taping.

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