Staten Island Dancer Is New York’s Newest Celebrity Weirdo


People dancing excessively in public is usually best left to flashmobs and those annoying fountain guys in Washington Square Park. But Staten Island has now been blessed with the presence of their own street dancer. And this guy isn’t just your three-minute-and-leave-type dancer. He wears head-to-toe black and dances and jogs around for what seems like 24 hours a day. There are currently two Facebook fan pages for the local celebrity: “The Dancing Black Man of Staten Island” and “The happy guy who frolics around Staten Island.”

The area he covers is pretty much the entire island. A poll on one Facebook page indicates that people have seen him from Richmond Avenue to New Dorp Lane, but the unknown man has mostly been seen in the New Springville area (especially around the Staten Island Mall and Costco). One Facebook fan even had a reported sighting all the way out in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn.

No one is sure yet why this man is dancing, who he is, where he’s from, or what he’s listening to. But Staten Islanders love videotaping him, and the Advance really wants to find him.

Check out this video taken by one Islander who finds it all very, very funny.

Cheers to the standout New Yorkers who bring a little joy to the daily grind. Keep dancing, mysterious dancing man.