A Look at Who Is Really Responsible for All These Food Trucks; Oscar Mayer Sued for False Health Claims


The Shanghai Stainless Product & Design Company on Gerry Street in Brooklyn is the place to go for your brand-new haute food truck. They’ve done trucks for Korilla BBQ, Red Hook Lobster Pound, Treats Truck, and Van Leeuwen. [NY Times]

Colicchio & Sons will run a beer garden on the forthcoming Lot at the High Line, and will curate a rotating collection of food trucks parked there. [NY Times]

Mexican-American rapper Chingo Bling raps about tamales and masa with the fervor that Biggie rapped about dealing drugs. [NY Times]

Plain retro packages of Cheerios and Doritos are being brought back to store shelves in a reversal from increasingly cluttered contemporary packaging. [Wall Street Journal]

Bill Gates is urging wealthy countries to invest in small farmers in South Asia and Africa following findings that industrial agriculture may not be the answer to feeding the world. [Globe and Mail]

Oscar Mayer is being sued for false advertising due to claims on its Deli Fresh Cajun Seasoned Chicken Breast that it’s 98 percent fat free and only 50 calories. [Reuters]

The USDA has revised its guidelines for cooking pork by lowering the safe cooking temperature to 145 degrees from the longtime standard of 160. [NY Times]