A Look at Who Is Really Responsible for All These Food Trucks; Oscar Mayer Sued for False Health Claims


The Shanghai Stainless Product & Design Company on Gerry Street in Brooklyn is the place to go for your brand-new haute food truck. They’ve done trucks for Korilla BBQ, Red Hook Lobster Pound, Treats Truck, and Van Leeuwen.
[NY Times]

Colicchio & Sons will run a beer garden on the forthcoming Lot at the High Line, and will curate a rotating collection of food trucks parked there.
[NY Times]

Mexican-American rapper Chingo Bling raps about tamales and masa with the fervor that Biggie rapped about dealing drugs.
[NY Times]

Plain retro packages of Cheerios and Doritos are being brought back to store shelves in a reversal from increasingly cluttered contemporary packaging.
[Wall Street Journal]

Bill Gates is urging wealthy countries to invest in small farmers in South Asia and Africa following findings that industrial agriculture may not be the answer to feeding the world.
[Globe and Mail]

Oscar Mayer is being sued for false advertising due to claims on its Deli Fresh Cajun Seasoned Chicken Breast that it’s 98 percent fat free and only 50 calories.

The USDA has revised its guidelines for cooking pork by lowering the safe cooking temperature to 145 degrees from the longtime standard of 160.
[NY Times]

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