Alex Rodriguez, George Steinbrenner, and Jay-Z Got Their NYPD Tickets ‘Taken Care Of’


Just in case you thought stars were “just like us,” know that Yankees stud Alex Rodriguez and his since-deceased boss George Steinbrenner, along with Jay-Z’s driver, other athletes, and people of note, all had their tickets “disappear” thanks to crooked NYPD helpers. Three City Council members have also been implicated in the ongoing drama of the NYPD ticket-fixing scandal, wherein everyone knew forever that cops helped out relatives and famous people, but they might finally be punished for doing so, and thus a few names get named. Forty cops are in danger of being indicted for voiding summonses just because they could, with the city probe centered mostly in the Bronx. It’s no secret this city runs on favors, but never forget that stars have more fun than you and are always speeding. [NYDN]