Angelo Monderoy, Cat Killer, Gets Six Years in Prison, May Be Deported


People who abuse defenseless animals are perhaps the most heinous of people, akin to people who abuse children and the elderly. Thus we are happy to report that a Brooklyn judge has given a six-year sentence to Angelo Monderoy, 21, who set his super’s cat, Tommy Two Times, on fire after dousing him with lighter fluid in 2008 “because he was bored.” Tommy, who didn’t make it, was found outside a building in Crown Heights; investigators were able to trace the crime to Monderoy through DNA evidence, the first time it’s been used in an animal abuse case in New York state and possibly the country, reports the New York Daily News.

Monderoy, who is a Trinidadian immigrant, was sentenced to two years for aggravated animal abuse, up to four years for arson, and two to six years on burglary charges. He’s been jailed for more than two years awaiting this trial so is eligible for parole, “but will likely face deportation once out of prison,” according to officials.

Monderoy apologized and admitted wrongdoing, but the judge refused to have the court seal his record as a youthful offender.

Immigrant who set fire to his landlord’s cat is sentenced to 6 years in prison – faces deportation [NYDN]