Building on Bond Burglarized


A friend of FitR writes in with the news that Building on Bond was broken into last night.

The café-restaurant-bar, which bills itself as “Boerum Hill’s favorite neighborhood meeting place for lunch, dinner, brunch or just the pleasant company,” got the glass in one of its doors/windows knocked out, and apparently some of its laptops stolen. The cops allegedly know the identity of the thieves, who have been on a Brooklyn Heights crime spree. We called the restaurant for more details but there was no answer; presumably, its owners have their hands full right now.

Despite the burglary, Building on Bond is open and operating — sort of. “They were serving coffee & ham-n-cheese croissants on the sidewalk because they were waiting for the ‘crime lab’ to get there,” writes our friend. Well, at least it’s a nice day for sidewalk dining.