Can’t We Just Put Bike Lanes in the Sky?


That’s what Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz wondered about the problematic bike lanes, which he opposes, in our fair city. “Elevated bike lanes — that’s the answer,” Markowitz told Brooklyn Paper, for some reason. That way, cars could be reckless and cyclists could be where they belong: neither seen nor heard. Specifics on the plan are limited, to say the least, but the proposal comes as part of the “Downtown Brooklyn Commons Project,” which asks NYC architecture and design students to plan for the future of the borough. “These are great ideas for tomorrow,” Markowitz said, “but for right now, we’ll have to see.” Someday! A Transportation Alternatives spokesman, when asked by Gothamist, was not amused: “When we can create safe space on our streets for bicyclists, drivers, and pedestrians now with minimal disruption, why on earth would we pursue an expensive, unsafe boondoggle like elevated lanes?”

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